Swings and Roundabouts

July 4, 2024

We notice a marked difference between the real world and TV!

As we sit open-mouthed at scenes from Buying London, the latest television property show, we are graphically reminded that houses are subjective. Some viewers will find the homes of the rich and famous a source of awe and fascination, while others will bring the matter of taste very much into question. But in property there is something for everyone.

The type of firm portrayed in the TV show differs from most estate agencies up and down the country. So do the sales team in Buying London: are they to be admired or reviled? One thing is for sure, most of their talk is about themselves, securing the property and then selling it for a hefty commission. But our estate agents know that the most critical component in a property transaction is not the agent or the property but the client.

Estate agency isn’t about flogging units of residence; it is about carefully matching a seller with a buyer and steering a mutually acceptable agreement through choppy waters to a satisfactory conclusion. Estate agency is about moving people by taking the long view. As such it’s about making people happy, not making a quick killing.

Local estate agency is a world apart from the almost fantasy-like glitz and glamour of Buying London, much like a travelling fair is from Disneyland. But all professional estate agents know the actual property world is far more about swings and roundabouts than fantasy.

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