Should I, Shouldn’t I?

March 17, 2021

The press has been full of mixed messages about the property market, especially during and after both Brexit and the pandemic.  Will the market rise, will it fall, is it a good or a bad time to move?  Fortunately, we have remained extremely busy, and find ourselves in need of stock to support this demand.

Such demand may well be the best indicator of the future of the market than anything else.  People don’t usually buy unless they feel confident about the future and, although nobody knows what lies around the corner, there is a general mood of optimism in the air.  Interest rates are still incredibly low, indicating that the banks are also feeling positive about the future.  The government is also keen to support the economy post-virus.

So if you think that you might consider moving in the next year or two, it might be worth bringing that decision forward to take advantage of the strong demand we currently have.  By selling for the highest price the market will currently pay, you’d not only maximise your sales price, but you’d also put yourself in a strong buying position when you come to look for your next home.  Worth a thought!

A good starting point would be to ask us to provide you with an estimate of your property’s maximum expected price and saleability in the current market, which we’d be happy to do without charge.  Please feel free to call us on 01323 412550 to arrange a convenient time.

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