Personal Accountability

July 7, 2021

Many properties in the Eastbourne area are as unique and distinctive as the people who buy them.  So when selling yours, it is most important that your estate agent has a thorough understanding not only of your property, but also of the needs and preferences of every buyer who views it.

It is simply not good enough to load the property onto “the system” and hope for a sale, especially in this market.  The promotion and sale of every property requires kid gloves and a highly personal approach.

We have been marketing property and helping people move in Eastbourne for over 20 years.  During that time many of our clients have commented that they have really appreciated the time and personal commitment we have been able to dedicate to their sale.  This has in each case led to an understanding of people’s circumstances and requirements that has enabled us to harness opportunities that a more corporate approach would undoubtedly have missed.  Additionally, there are issues of security and confidentiality that are often associated with the sale of unique properties such as many of those currently featured on our website.

Ultimately it’s about professionalism and a level of personal accountability that we do not believe others necessarily achieve.  Sometimes we can be rather selective as to what we accept on our books.  But only in this way can we guarantee that your sale will be handled with the dedication and commitment it deserves.

If you’d like to find out more about how having the right people involved in your sale can make a big difference then please feel free to call us for a confidential initial chat on 01323 412550.

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