Dear Santa

December 7, 2023

Estate agents are great problem solvers but Reid & Dean thinks that we all should have a little extra special help with the property market this Christmas and knows just who to ask.

Dear Santa,

You might think it unusual to find a letter from an estate agent in your postbag, but things have been pretty tricky in the property world lately. We have been very well behaved all year but could do with several presents to help us in the months ahead.

  1. Please give us three million new houses in 2024. Not only that, but millions more to help catch up with where we should be after years of under-development.
  2. Please improve the current development and planning laws and procedures that should be far simpler and more fit for purpose. It is crucial we implement a rational, sustainable and achievable house building programme throughout the UK as soon as possible.
  3. Please make the property conveyancing procedure suitable for the twenty-first century. Other countries can complete property sales and purchases in half the time we do.
  4. Please may we have a Minister of Housing in the job long enough to learn what a trowel and spirit level are for? Over the past twenty years, we’ve had twenty-two housing ministers – twenty-three if you count the current minister who did the job before for just forty-eight days – hardly enough time for him to find his wellies, hard hat and high vis jacket.
  5. Please help lower interest rates to make mortgages more affordable, especially for first time buyers.
  6. In 1919 the British Government set out to build “homes fit for heroes”. After the banking crisis, Brexit and the pandemic with its difficult aftermath, please give us a UK government of whatever party with similar vision, ambition and resolve.
  7. If you can’t do any of the above, please bring a bottle of whisky.

We know you must be very busy, Santa, so we’re sorry to ask for your help with these issues. But they are important for everyone and, we have been very good estate agents this year.

Happy Christmas.

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