Activities for Little Ones During Lockdown

January 15, 2021

For those parents with early years children who are looking for activities to keep them occupied during lockdown, there are currently lots of free resources available:

Orchard Toys are offering daily home learning sheets, including for pre-school aged children:

Early Years Resources have a lot of free downloadable resources available:

On there are free printable worksheets and online games available:

Tiny Happy People offered by the BBC has a collection of video activities for children aged 3-4 years old:

East Sussex run a programme called ’50 things to do before your five’.  This is an app, which includes indoor, outdoor, seasonal, home-based and out-and-about activities that are not only fun but will get your little one off to a flying start with his/her learning and language development:!/whats-it-all-about

Twinkl are offering free activities, which are updated daily and designed to make each day of the week as easy as possible during lockdown.

Fun Little offer craft ideas to do at home with recycled materials:

If you have a Kindle, it’s worthwhile having a search of Amazon for free Kindle downloads.  For instance, there are a number of free downloads available from White Rose Maths.  They cater for different age groups, from Year 1 and above.

If you’re willing spend a little bit of money, there’s a 90 Page Toddler Learning Workbook which is printable from Etsy:

If you need any help with printing any of these resources, email us at

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